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Learning from shared scarcity: the Colorado River, the Yellow River and the world

Oct 30, 2023 -
On the Water Front brings together the latest water management strategies, solutions and insights from the EDF Climate Resilient Water Systems team.

Colorado River Resilience

Oct 01, 2023 -
Resilience is the ability for the Colorado River Basin to prepare for and adapt to climate shifts and extremes, including rising temperatures, increased drying, and variability in precipitation.

Restoring Rivers, Connecting Communities

Aug 22, 2023 -
During a stream restoration project last July, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) gathered a team of volunteers to spend a long weekend building beaver mimicry structures to...

A Win-Win-Win Solution for the Colorado River

Jul 25, 2023 -
How Tribal Nations Play a Critical Role in Addressing Water Scarcity Issues throughout the Colorado River Basin

Stream Restoration Legislation Will Benefit Birds and People in Colorado

Jun 21, 2023 -
New law is a win and a good first step to clarifying stream restoration activities.

Caught in the Middle

Apr 18, 2023 -
A River Between Two Dams and the Future of the Grand Canyon

Are you smarter than a Colorado River expert?

Oct 25, 2022 -
John Berggren, a water policy analyst on our Healthy Rivers team, works to find innovative ways to conserve water and protect the West’s water future.

La Jota Interview on Colorado River and Water Plan

Aug 26, 2022 -
Escuche a Juan Madrid de Green Latinos y William Neidig de La Jota discutir el estado actual del Río Colorado y el Plan de Agua de Colorado en español. Listen...

Groundswell on the Rio Grande

Mar 08, 2022 -
How the People of the San Luis Valley are Coming Together Around Water

River Recreation

Mar 08, 2022 -
Outdoor recreation on Colorado’s waterways generates $18.8 billion in economic output per year. In addition to the economic benefit that protecting river recreation provides, another benefit...

Boosting Water Reliability for Birds and People

Sep 01, 2021 -
Process-based restoration: restoring natural river processes

Ten Strategies for Resilience in the Colorado River Basin

Jul 28, 2021 -
Water conservation efforts have often focused on addressing the “water budget” problem (e.g. balancing supply and demand). While these efforts are essential, they are not enough to deal with...

As Lake Powell and Western Rivers Hit Record Lows, New Report Shows Better Alternative to Expensive, Unnecessary Lake Powell Pipeline

Jul 28, 2021 -
The Local Waters Alternative 2.0 would meet Washington County’s water needs while protecting the Colorado River. Western Resource Advocates and American Rivers announced the release of the Local Waters...

Audubon Boosts Water Awareness and Funding for Birds and People

Jun 30, 2021 -
Water—Colorado’s most precious resource for birds and people—was a central issue for legislators in the 2021 legislative session.

Water is Vital to Colorado’s Future

Jun 22, 2021 -
Read the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership's brochure on why water is vital for Colorado's future. Our water system is under a barrage of persistent drought, hydrological shifts driven by...
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